CONTROLS: WASD = Move | SPACE = Jump | TAB = Menu/Pause | Left-Mouse = Attack | Right-Mouse = Back-Button

Change Log:


-Main Menu Screen (pc build)

-Soul Currency: can't spend it yet though :(

-Equipable Souls

-Animation Changes

*Death | *Hit Reaction | *Blood Spray

-NEW SFX! (didn't say they were good!)

-Hermite Crab!

-MENU SYSTEM (rough, but working)

-Soul Shards: collect to add perm increase to a stat

-Numerous other things that can't be recalled!


-Reduced file size!

-Sporepods wasp call was broken, now fixed

-Sporepods don't react unless attack 1st now

-Starting to begin work on Menu System "tab" key


-Sporepods now flee when attacked

-added tester flight paths for the wasps

-added ALOT of animated ferns

-Adjusted Paralax

-Light shafts now fade in/out

-Double jumped added back in "J" button

-Special breakaway wall added w/ particle FX

-Chamelcaw flight added in


-Wasp and Sporepdod HP lowered

-Fixed an attack issue where jump/crouch attacks dealt massive dmg!

-New Hud works.. (health only)

-Player get hung up on terrain alot less! still needs some refinement.

-Chamelcaw added

-various code tweaks

-animation linking has begun to act weird causing new ani glitches >:( Fixed soon!


-added some "tester" enemy health bars


-tweaked wasps

-tweaked ground collision detector


-sporepods aggro wasps w/in range

-particle system added for SFX

-Hitbox system tweaks

-various forgoten tweaks....


-added new scene and one way transition

-uncountable amount of tweaks


-wasps now can be aggro'd

-Player now takes dmg, u can "die"

-"J" button enables x2 jump (for fun & debugging)

-fixed ability to jump attack from a crouch

-still alot of kinks to fix...